we are sold out of this model,and do not expect lifan to import this machine,we do still have most parts Avalible

A 2009 LF200iii GS motorcycle for an all time low price of $1699.00
Fully assembled and ready to ride! Brand New with Factory Warranty!
We are an Authorized American Lifan Dealer in Red Oak, Texas 75154
Free Delivery within 50 miles of the DFW Metroplex. For low cost shipping, please email us. We have several shipping options to your home or office.
This American Lifan LF200iii GS motorcycle is fully assembled and ready to ride, you add the driver, the destination and enjoy the scenery as you cruise on your brand new motorcycle.
Your friends will envy you for buying such a nice motorcycle for a low, low price.
The motorcycle is shipped to us 95% assembled in a steel shipping crate. We unpack the crate and finish the assembly and check the bolts and nuts for tightness.
We drain the shipping oil and add Castrol 20w50 Cycle oil for added motor protection.
We drain the brake fluid and add a high quality DOT 4 brake fluid for faster and safer stopping.
We remove the spark plug and replace with a NGK spark plug for easier starting.
Then we adjust and lubricate the chain, fill with gas and road test for 2 miles and check the cycle again for loose bolts, screws, chain and brakes.
The motorcycle is an air-cooled single-cyclinder, 4 stroke, balanced shaft motor with a 197cc displacement operating at 16 horsepower at max rpm.
The transmission is a traditional shifting 5 speed with 1st gear down and 4 gears up with a hand clutch.
The motorcycle is equipped with an electric key start for easy starting and a kill switch. The cycle has a kick start for emergencies, so that you are never stranded by a dead battery or on a really cold morning.
The motorcycle has a Nuetral Light on the instrument panel to let the driver know that it is safe to start the cycle and an Illuminated Digital Number so that you always know what gear the cycle is operating in to prepare you to downshift for the curves up ahead or for shifting when accelerating.
A great feature for the first time riders or owners, the illuminated instrument panel has a fuel guage, tachometer, odometer, speedometer, bright light signal and flasher signal.
The cycle has the traditional kickstand and a double kickstand for easy parking or for maintenance, oil changes and chain adjusting.
The LF200iii GS(triple i) motorcycle is equipped with head and tail lights, turn signals, two rear-view mirrors, horn and reflectors to be DOT approved and street legal.
The brake system consists of a hand lever operated, front wheel, hydraulic disc brake and a rear wheel drum brake with pedal control.
The dry weight of the motorcycle is 308 pounds and will carry a total people load of 330 pounds.
The LF200iii GS is the perfect motorcycle for the commuter needing to save gas, the 1st time driver or for the college student needing a reliable and inexpensive transportation.
We have all four colors of the LF200iii GS available, blue, black, green and red.
The motorcycle meets all of the requirements of the State of Texas to operate at 15 years of age and to acquire their motorcycle license.
All American Lifan products have a manufacturer's warranty of 6 months, parts and labor. Please visit the warranty page on this webiste for details from American Lifan.
This is a full size motorcycle and is not a kiddies toy, pocket rocket or mini bike. It is a powerful street legal motorcycle and should be operated with care and always worn with a DOT approved helmet.
STAR MOTOR CO AND RED OAK CYCLES recommend that all drivers enroll in a certified, safety, riders course and we will be glad to assist you in locating a course in your area.
Please contact us for more information on this cycle or for shipping information by clicking on the home page and filling out the comment section below.

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