110 Shark Go Kart

       Kinroad 110 Shark, 
            2010 Go Kart

A Brand new, 2010 Kinroad Go Kart, fully assembled and ready to ride.

A two seater with lap belt with a 4 point shoulder harness for safety, plus roll over bar protection make this a safe and fun event for the family.

Your kids will have hours of fun driving this Go Kart.

This vehicle makes a great learning tool, because it is safer than an ATV or a motorcycle, you can relax while watching them learn how to drive.

Reverse with 3 speed transmission, teaches how to shift while driving.

Although there is no clutch involved, the semi-automatic, illustrates how simple is the process of shifting while riding, preparing them for future shifting with a clutch when they move on to bigger toys or vehicles.

Plus, you can control their speed by allowing them to only operate in 1st gear until they have mastered that aspect and then proceed to 2nd and then to 3rd until they have learned full control of the go kart.

The dashboard has a Nuetral Saefty light, so that the driver can make sure the Go Kart is in Nuetral before starting.

With a left foot brake pedal and a right foot gas pedal, they learn how to stop or speed up using their feet and become acclimated to the driving processes involving foot controls. This feature alone helps prepare them for the future of drivng a car. By teaching foot controls now, they will be better prepared.

Equipped with a real steering wheel, not handlebars, also teaches a driver how to turn and how to drive an actual vehicle.

The Kinroad 110 cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled motor, is easily maintained and easy to inspect.  Add gas only, no mixing oil and gas together. Has an easy to reach oil dipstick for checking oil levels.

A CDI keyed electric starter makes it easy to start and to drive away.

Dual, coil spring, shocks on front and back provide a smoother and safer ride.

The low ground clearance minimizes turn over factors and makes the ride safer than an atv or motorcycle.

Although not street legal in most states, it is equipped with dual headlights and a taillight, making it easy to see when riding in the evenings close to dusk.

Also equipped with a carrier/luggage rack for transporting items when trail riding.

The Go Kart comes with an owner's manual and a parts catalog from Kinroad.

Overall length is 7' 3"
Overall width id 4'
Overall height is 4'9"

Texas residents will pay TT&L

For more information, please email: mike@redoakcycles.com


Please click on photos to see larger pictures of go kart.

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