A Brand New 2009 LF110 gy-3 is the clone of the old Honda Trail 70 that we all learned to ride on as kids.
The 110gy-3 is the perfect cycle for taking on your trips behind the rv. The perfect cycle for teaching someone how to operate a motorcycle and how to use the clutch and foot shifter.
A great beginners cycle, the perfect travel companion, an inexpensive entertainment value for the grandkids, a backup vehicle for when your auto won't start, are just a few of the many hundreds of uses this marvelous cycle offers for such a bargain price.
The 2009 LF110gy-3 is available in three beautiful colors, red, blue and black, accented by chrome fenders and handlebars.
The cycle has the traditional shifting pattern of 1st gear down and 2nd, 3rd, 4th gear up, with a hand clutch.
The 4 cycle motor operates at 109 cc and can maintain speeds up to 45 mph and deliver up to 90 mpg.
The LF110gy-3 is street legal and has turn signals, headlights, taillights, horn, mirrors and reflectors.
The cycle operates on regular gas and has a keyed electric starter for easy starting. The cycle is also equipped with a kick starter for emergencies when the battery might be dead, so that you are never stranded at home, work or on a hilltop watching the sunset.
The handlebars fold down for easy storage, lifting or for carrying around in the back of your suv.
The long banana style seat makes the cycle comfortable for anyone to fit no matter what the age.
The sturdy frame design and balanced center of gravity make the cycle easy to manuever on the city streets or on the trail in the National Park.
The LF110gy-3 comes with 2 styles of kickstands. The traditional kickstand for easy parking, just push the stand down and lean the cycle over.  The cycle also comes with a double leg center stand, that holds the bike off of the ground, when you are storing the cycle for an extended time to prevent flat spots on the tires. The center stand also lets you perform routine tasks like changing the oil and chain maintenance.
The LF110gy-3 is the perfect cycle for the perfect time.


we are sold out of this bike and do not expect that lifan will import it in the near future.we do still have parts Avalible

2009 LF110gy-3 Cycle
Trail70 clone



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