SORRY, We are sold out. Waiting for the NEW, Exciting LF250-19 coming in 2012

2008 LF200-B

The LF200-B is the answer to the Ninja Style motorcycle without the high insurance costs.
The 200cc motor provides geat gas mileage and added  strength with the exterior frame and larger forks.
A great motorcycle for the college campus, cruising around town or commuting to work.
This motorcycle makes every rider look like they belong on the road with the wide tires, dual disc front brakes, rear back disc brake and larger fuel tank.
The stylish dashboard provides the operator with all of the necessary information to safely ride. Fuel guage, tachometer, speedometer, gear and nuetral illuminated indicator, turn signal and headlight reminders.
The transmission gears are the traditional 5 speed shifting pattern of 1st gear down and 4 gears up.
The exterior re-inforced frame and heavy duty shocks can carry riders up to 330 lbs. 
Operating at 16 horsepower, the motor provides over 80 miles per gallon to save money for transportation costs.
The motorcycle is street legal in all states and we recommend that all riders wear a helmet.



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