This beautiful scooter is perfect for the occasional driver or for the college student needing to cross campus. Most states do not require a motorcycle license for this scooter.
The QT-2A is perfectly balanced on a 48' wheel base, and even the novice can learn to ride in a few minutes.
Easy to park, easy to ride and easy to maintain.

The engine is a 49cc, 4 stroke gasoline motor with a keyed electric starter and has a kick start for emergencies, so that you are never stranded if the battery dies.
With an automatic transmission system, easy to drive, NO SHIFTING.
The scooter maintains a comfortable speed of 30 mph while operating at 90 mpg and can still carry up to 220 lbs.
The uniqueness of this scooter, it only weighs 190 lbs, making it easy to transport for vacations or to school.
No chain to adjust or lubricate, no clutch and no foot pedals eliminate the hassle of driving.
Bright Red or Royal Blue

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