Star Motor Co takes extra care when assembling and preparing your motorcycle for the open road.
The motorcycles are shipped from American Lifan in a steel metal crate where they are held securely by metal straps and the cycles are bolted to the floor of the crate.
The motorcycles are 95% pre-assembled when the cycles are shipped to the dealers.  We unpack the crate, bolt the front tire to the cycle's forks and begin the next phase.
The shipping oil is drained from the motor and then we add Castrol 20w50 Cycle oil. The cycle oil eliminates foaming from the motor heat and provides longer life lubrication.
We drain the brake fluid and replace with a D.O.T. 4 brake fluid for quicker and safer stopping power.
The original spark plug is removed and replace with a NGK spark plug for easier and hotter starting, preventing your starter motor from having to work harder.
We adjust and lubricate the chain with Liquid Wrench chain lube.
We fill the fuel tank with premium gas and add SeaFoam for preventive maintenance and to dilute and nuetralize  the chemical sprayed into the gas tanks to prevent rust while being shipped.
We test drive the motorcycle for at least 2 miles, then check the chain, brakes, screws and bolts. 
When a motorcycle or scooter has been ordered for shipment. The cycle is placed back into a steel crate, bolted and strapped down and loaded onto a transport carrier. We have several low cost shipping options available. For a very low cost the motorcycle will be shipped directly to your home or office. When you recieve the motorcycle, you will need to uncrate the cycle which will require a 10mm wrench or ratchet and about 20 minutes to remove from the crate. You will need to add gas to the cycle as the shipping companies require us to drain the fuel tank. Your motorcycle or scooter is fully assembled and ready to ride.
Star Motor Co is an Authorized American Lifan Dealer and only an authorized dealer can sell American Lifan products. American Lifan does not allow drop shipping(un-assembled cycles or scooters).
Un-assembled cycles and scooters have no factory warranty and you will not be permitted to register your cycle. Make sure that you buy your cycle from an AUTHORIZED DEALER!
Do not be fooled. There are hundreds of counterfeit dealers on the internet selling grey market motorcycles that were snuck in from Mexico or other unknown origins and all grey market motorcycles have no warranty and American Lifan will not sell parts for them. Grey market motorcycles are worthless as a resale product without parts available, Do Not be fooled! Buyer Beware!

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